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Multi-coloured chameleon in the jungle - Chameleon in the jungle
Closeup of a fire salamander on a stone - Fire salamander
Dragonfly on the adriatic sea - Relaxing dragonfly
Close up of grey heron-Ardea cinerea fishing on the lake. - Close up of grey heron-Ardea cinerea
Grasshoppers have an amazing ability to identify their mates. Each species has its individual song, produced by rubbing or flicking the lower back legs on the forewings to create either a chirping or a clicking sound (this is known as stridulation). Females sing more softly than males, facilitating differentiation between both sex and species.
Mating occurs when the male lies on the female's back and may last anywhere from 45 minutes to well over a day.
Sumidero Canyon (Spanish: Cañón del Sumidero) is a narrow and deep canyon surrounded by a national park located just north of the city of Chiapa de Corzo in the Mexican state of Chiapas. It is a habitat for thousands of species. - Mating grasshoppers, Canyon del Sumidero, Mexico
Closeup of a fire salamander on a wet stone - Fire salamander
A lonely penguin is relaxing in a cave - Lonely penguin
Close-up of an Eurasian Jay (Garrulus glandarius) on a pine tree in winter - Eurasian Jay
A sitting hawfinch (Coccothraustes coccothraustes) - Hawfinch
A flock of sheep grazing on the hillside - Flock of sheep with a shepherd
A young brown bear standing on its rear paws - Bear cub
Closeup of a golden eagle (Aquila chrysaetos) with a leafy background - Golden eagle
A white wagtail (Motacilla alba) in the water - White wagtail
A common kingfisher (Alcedo atthis) sitting on a branch - Common kingfisher
Snail in a hurry on the ground - Snail
A gopher is standing and eating - Eating gopher
Dominant male sea lion in Peru. - Dominant sea lion
A common kingfisher (Alcedo atthis) on a tree - Sitting common kingfisher
A gopher is watching his food - Little gopher
Closeup of a gopher on the ground - Gopher
Little black dog standing in the snow - The watcher of the house
Pale, so-called roan horses on a ranch - Roan horses
Molt fox sitting in front of a building - Molt fox
Dolphin swiming in the Adriatic sea - Dolphin in the blue sea
Some grey, roan horses on a farm - Group of roan horses
Molt fox sitting on the stone-paved square - Red fox
Blue kingfisher on a twig with greenery as background - Kingfisher on a twig
A lizard that lacks legs and has a snakelike or wormlike appearance, in particular - Legless lizard
Chamois (Rupicapra rupicapra) on the autumn hills in the Ciuc (Csík) Mountains, Romania. - Chamois on the hill Terkő
Brown trout (Salmo trutta) in Transylvania - Brown trout
Rooster and hen in the poultry yard - Meeting his hen
Mixed herd of sheep and goats - Sheep and goat herd
Bird is eating a cherry on a branch - Bird is eating cherry
Hungry birds in the nest - Birds in the nest
A monkey sitting on a tree eating a locust - Monkey eating a locust
A bird is having a rest on a branch in the lake. - Having a rest
A hen and a rooster in the backyard - Hen and rooster
A bird having its morning bath in the lake. - Morning bath
Hawfinch (Coccothraustes coccothraustes) on the nut tree - Hawfinch
A lonely mute swan with reflection on the water - Single white swan
Two chamois bucks (Rupicapra rupicapra) in the mountains in Transylvania. - Alpine chamois
Two snakes on a branch - Snake Love
Spider in its web waiting for the prey. - Spider in its web
Alpine chamois buck (Rupicapra rupicapra) in the Carpathians - Alpine chamois
Close-up of the head of a hippo - Hippo
A hunting spider with its prey. - A hunting spider
Greenish brown cicada on the table - Cicada
A brown trout (Salmo trutta) isolated on white background - Brown trout
Falcon prisoner trying to fly - Falcon
A lonely fawn on a meadow - A fawn on the meadow
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