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Frying with disc grill made of disc harrow - Disc grill on open fire
Happy love in the spring break - Happy love.
A regretful but funny poor guy on the beach - Funny poor guy on the beach
Winter in the city park - Tree in winter
A walking hiker with backpack  - Hiker on a mountain path
Life finds a way everywhere - Peppy
A little street between old houses - Snowy path
Worn, old fishing boat on the beach - Resting
People walking on the promenade along the Danube River - Promenade
A creek and some trees - Shady creek
A typical light blue street fountain in a park - Street fountain
A typical street fountain in a park - Blue street fountain
A big tree with a lot of boughs - Ramous tree
View from a hillside with boulders - Next to a boulder
Glowing logs of firewood before falling into smithereens. - Smoldering pieces of wood
Burning logs of firewood before falling into smithereens. - Glowing logs
Draw-well with shingle roof in the garden. - Draw-well
A brook is flowing in the early spring park - Small creek across a park
Wind-carved, snow-covered stone mushroom in the Carpathians in Transylvania, Romania - Stone mushroom in the Carpathians
A winding road with verdant trees - Winding road
A road with some bends - Twisty road
Horses graze on the pasture - Horses on the pasture
Part of a neatly arranged vegetable garden - Seed-plot
A little pond with a fountain - Small pond
Burning logs of a sizzling campfire by night - Campfire by night
Peaks of a mountain range, shone by the morning sun. - Arid rocks
Closeup of a campfire by dusk - Campfire by twilight
A little stream with a lot of stones - Stony stream
This house has an own pine forest - Forest-like park
Some donkeys grazing on the meadow - Grazing donkeys
Lemurs enjoying the autumn sun in the zoo. - Sunbathing ring-tailed lemurs
Lemurs enjoying the autumn sun in the zoo. - Ring-tailed lemurs at rest
A ring-tailed lemur is enjoying the autumn sun. - Do not disturb my morning rest
Cat is watching his prey on twilight - Cat under a pinewood
Close shot of some rocks - Nice rocks
Forest fire destroying the trees, parched leaves feed the fire. - Red hot inferno
Beautiful view from a snowmobile - Scenery with snowmobile
The statue of Matthias Corvinus in Cluj-Napoca, Romania - The statue of king Matthias Corvinus
A river in the forest with trees on its banks - River in the forest
Hiking at the Krimml waterfall in Austria. - waterfall
Cooking outdoors in a cauldron - Cauldron over the fire
A ski resort in summer - Mountainous resort
Domestic cat under the pinewood - Cat under the pinewood
Campfire by night with beautiful flames - Campfire
A park near to the castle of a city - City park
Sunset above the castle hill of a city - Sunset
Detail of a garden in autumn - Autumn garden
At the landmark of Paris - Eiffel Tower
Closeup of a lonely, huge limestone rock - Limestone rock
Nice walking in the autumn forest. - Forest