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Closeup of a fire salamander on a stone - Fire salamander
Multi-coloured chameleon in the jungle - Chameleon in the jungle
A panoramic image about this beautiful bay in Zakynthos, Greece. These are the real tones, so this bay is incredibly blue and azure! - Navagio bay - Zakynthos - panoramic image
Summer field and clouds, a square format image about beautiful summer scenery - Summer field and clouds
Deep valley under Machu Picchu - Machu Picchu
Two big birch trees grown together - Twin birch trees
Brown grasshopper on green leaves - Grasshopper on bush
A snowdrop in the middle of dead fallen leaves - Snowdrop
Trees with very thick trunks in autumn - Stately trees
A common trout lying on a stone - Common trout
Brown trout (Salmo trutta) in Transylvania - Brown trout
White waves on a tropical coast - Tropical coast
A little, cascading waterfall on mossy stones - Small waterfall
A common kingfisher (Alcedo atthis) on a tree - Sitting common kingfisher
Nature's work on the mountaintop - Nice rock formations
Perfect blue sky over the mounatins - Perfect blue sky
Great view from a plateau - Blue mountain ranges
Molt fox sitting on the stone-paved square - Red fox
A walking hiker with backpack  - Hiker on a mountain path
A mountain lake in the autumn sunrise - Mountain lake
Small stream runs over a bole - Small waterfall
Hungry birds in the nest - Birds in the nest
Falcon prisoner trying to fly - Falcon
Yellow tropical flowers in the jungle - Tropical flowers
Quiet fishing village on Madagascar - Fishing village
Nice blue flower in the grass - Gentian
Closeup of a campfire by dusk - Campfire by twilight
Three chamois (Rupicapra rupicapra) in the mountains - Three chamois
Asphalt road in the tropical forest - Asphalt road
Brown goats are looking for some food - Brown goats
Beautiful purple flowers with yellow pistil - Purple flowers
A lonely penguin is relaxing in a cave - Lonely penguin
Wheat field with cloud in Hungary - wheat field
Two parrots sitting on a branch - A pair of parrot
Grasshoppers have an amazing ability to identify their mates. Each species has its individual song, produced by rubbing or flicking the lower back legs on the forewings to create either a chirping or a clicking sound (this is known as stridulation). Females sing more softly than males, facilitating differentiation between both sex and species.
Mating occurs when the male lies on the female's back and may last anywhere from 45 minutes to well over a day.
Sumidero Canyon (Spanish: Cañón del Sumidero) is a narrow and deep canyon surrounded by a national park located just north of the city of Chiapa de Corzo in the Mexican state of Chiapas. It is a habitat for thousands of species. - Mating grasshoppers, Canyon del Sumidero, Mexico
Japanese cherry blossom in the botanical garden - Cherry flower
Tropical trees in the botanical park - Tropical flower
Duck in the botanical garden's lake - Duck in the lake
A regretful but funny poor guy on the beach - Funny poor guy on the beach
Waterdrops after rain on a black table - Waterdrops on the table
A sitting hawfinch (Coccothraustes coccothraustes) - Hawfinch
Strange bridge between two trees - Connection
A young brown bear standing on its rear paws - Bear cub
A white wagtail (Motacilla alba) in the water - White wagtail
Pine forest on Hargita with the Gyergyó basin in the backgound - Landscape
Old wooden boat in the Paracas desert. - Lonely boat in the desert
Falcon on a floating island on Lake Titicaca - Falcon on Lake Titicaca
A common kingfisher (Alcedo atthis) sitting on a branch - Common kingfisher
Snail in a hurry on the ground - Snail
A gopher is standing and eating - Eating gopher
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