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The parliament of Hungary in Budapest - Budapest
Yellow stop mark on the asphalt - Stop sign
A little creek in the city - Urban creek
A little street between old houses - Snowy path
People walking on the promenade along the Danube River - Promenade
The building regularly lines reminiscent of the op art style. - Op art
Flooding in a big city - Flooding
View of a village from a hill - View of a settlement
Neat houses in a small village - Detail of a village
Monuments photo, Gesztes castle was built in the 1300s. - Várgesztes
medieval monuments, Csókakő village of the tenth century settlement. - Csókakő
Renaissance-style castle, built in the 19th century. - Füzérradvány
View of an old-fashioned city in Romania - Nice cityscape
The nice riverside of Crișul Repede with a row of houses in Oradea - River in the city
An alley way in a city - Alley way
The river Crișul Repede flowing in the city of Oradea - Urban riverside
The Chain Bridge from a different angle - Chain Bridge
The bridges of Budapest, photographed on the Buda castle hill. - Elizabeth Bridge
Beautiful view of the city with its river - Oradea with the river Crișul Repede
Aerial view of a settlement from a small aircraft - Aerial view
Part of an old, massively-built log house. - Test of time
View of a nice town in a valley with a mountain ridge in the background - Settlement with nice surroundings
The view of Oradea with water reflection - The view of Oradea in Romania
The view of Oradea with the river Criºul Repede - The view of Oradea in Romania
Stormy weather over Kotor's bay - Kotor
A park near to the castle of a city - City park
The castle of Veszprém, a Hungarian city - Castle hill
A square format photo from Venice - Venice landscape
Sunset above the castle hill of a city - Sunset
Cloudy Sky and Sunset in Paris - Sunset in Paris
Famous street lamp in Paris, on Place de la Concorde  - Column
Steep street in the Inca's capital, Cuzco - Cozy street
At the landmark of Paris - Eiffel Tower
Aerial view of a nice settlement - Orderly settlement
Traditional buildings and nice view in Trieste - Nice view from Trieste
View of a castle of a city in winter time - Winter castle
View of a winter city from a hill - View of a city
View of a city in winter time - View of a city
View of a big city from above - City view
View of a city in winter - Snowy cityscape
View of a big city from the air - Settlement from above
Old tower in Kotor's city - Old tower
street lamp in the landscape, illuminated by the sun - street lamp
La Paz, Bolivia's capital is expanding uncontrolled - La Paz
Budapest Lakeside after sunset 02 - city 2
Portrait from Danube after sunset - Sky 01
City of Milna in Dalmatia, Croatia - Dalmatian city
Landscape with green garden and hills - Rural landscape
View of a city with typical block of flats - Cityscape
City at lake Titicaca in Peru - City of Puno