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A snowmobile is waiting for a ride in the snow - Snowmobile in the snow
A proud but lonely dog on a hill in winter - Proud dog on the hill
The shadow of the pine trees on the snow - In the shadow of pine trees
A man is preparing to ride on a snowmobile - Man with a snowmobile
Wooden headboards and Crosses on the Madarasi-Hargita at wintertime - Wooden headboards
Scattered pine trees on a winter field - Pine trees in the snow
A man is preparing to ride on a snowmobile - Man with a snowmobile
Ski slope along huge pine trees with skiers - Ski slope
A ski slope with big, snow-covered pine trees - View of a ski slope
A man is going up a hill on a snowmobile - Going up on a snowmobile
People riding on a snowmobile on a hillside - Snowmobiling
A snowy road in the winter pine forest - Snowy road among big pine-trees
Mountain garden with a fishpond covered by snow - The first snow
A cabana in Transylvania in winter - A cabana in Transylvania
A horse-drawn wooden sleigh in the street - A horse-drawn sleigh
Sunset by the winter river - Riverside sunset
Angry cat showing his scary teeth. - Angry cat
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