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Detail of a little creek in winter time - Winter creek
Beautiful wintry landscape with big pines - Winter scenery
Man on a snowmobile among huge pine trees - Man on a snowmobile
Christmas greeting card with snowman and christmas tree - Merry Christmas
A road leads in the snow - Snowy road
A snowy outdoor stairway with street lamps - Winter stairway
Man on a snowmobile among huge pine trees - Man on a snowmobile
Winter landscape with trees and a church - Winter landscape
A lonely wooden barn on the winter meadow - Wooden barn
Snowflake shaped christmas decoration in the window - Christmas decoration
Merry Christmas label with evergreen twig and ornament - Merry Christmas!
Winter landscape with a few pine trees - Winter landscape
Apple on a wooden rail in the mountains - Apple on the rail
Winter in the mountain with snow, bridge in foreground, chalet in background, pine trees around. - Snowy winter landscape
A path leading into the winter forest - Into the snowy forest
Highway in the winter forest - Road among snow-bound trees
A little street between old houses - Snowy path
View from a hilltop in a ski resort - View from the top
Winter landscape with a small, snow-covered cottage - Winter landscape with a small cottage
View of a castle of a city in winter time - Winter castle
Cloud-covered mountains in Ciuc (Csík) above 1600 metres - Mountains in the cloud
A white horse is drinking at a trough - A drinking white horse
Ski slope along huge pine trees with skiers - Ski slope
Close-up of a rooster standing in the snow - A rooster standing in the snow
Close-up of an Eurasian Jay (Garrulus glandarius) sitting in the snow - Eurasian Jay sitting in the snow
Guard rails on a mountain road in winter above 1500 meters - Guard rails in winter
A ski slope with big, snow-covered pine trees - View of a ski slope
A winter field with river and pine trees - A winter field
Three huge pines standing in the snow - White giants
Wooden headboards and Crosses on the Madarasi-Hargita at wintertime - Wooden headboards
A simple christmas greeting card with fir branch and ornament - Merry Christmas
Ski slope with some skiers - Poiana, Brasov, Romania - Ski slope in the Southern Carpathians
A snowy path in the forest - Snowy path
A lonely hiker walking on a mountain - Footprints
Winter landscape on a sunny day - Winter landscape
Scattered pine trees on a winter field - Pine trees in the snow
Hikers on a mountain in winter - Winter hiking
A man is preparing to ride on a snowmobile - Man with a snowmobile
Sunny winter valley with a snowy road - Sunny winter valley
Winter in the city park - Tree in winter
King's Stone in the Southern Carpathians, Romania. Ski and hiking paradise - Winter paradise
A cabana in Transylvania in winter - A cabana in Transylvania
A snowy road in the winter pine forest - Snowy road among big pine-trees
Snowcapped pines with a wonderful view - Snow-bound
Man on a snowmobile among huge pine trees - Man on a snowmobile
Little white church standing in the winter sunshine - White church
View of a ski resort with skiers - Ski resort
Bridge over a creek in winter - Winter bridge
Closeup of a frosted tree twig with snowy field - A frosted tree twig
Christmas mood with candle light. - Mood at home.
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