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A little, cascading waterfall on mossy stones - Small waterfall
A small rapid river among big rocky mountains - Rocky river
The side of a creek with lush green vegetation - Green creekside
A little creek in the city - Urban creek
A river bend with green plants - River bend
A little brook in the forest - Forest stream
A huge pine tree against the backwash of the stream - Still standing
A mountain river rushing among pines and big rocks - Mountain river
A group of pines in the middle of a mountain river - Island in the stream
A creek rushes through the wood - Rushing creek
Green riverbank with lot of plants - Lush green riverbank
A mountain lake in the autumn sunrise - Mountain lake
Worn, old fishing boat on the beach - Resting
A creek and some trees - Shady creek
A big tree is leaning over a fast creek - Fast creek
A small lake at a hill - Small pond
A bird is having a rest on a branch in the lake. - Having a rest
A stony creek with green leafy trees - Creek with lush green trees
A water-course with long exposure in a lush green environment - A water-course with long exposure
A bird having its morning bath in the lake. - Morning bath
A small waterfall thanks to a bole - Small waterfall
A brook is flowing in the early spring park - Small creek across a park
View of a tarn in a mountain - A tarn from above
A tarn in the mountains - Small mountain lake
A lovely tarn in the mountain - Blue mountain pearl
A forest creek flowing over stones - Forest Creek
A series of small waterfalls on a forest creek. - Waterfalls in the forest
A tranquil river with trees on its banks - Calm river
Reflection of the sky in the water - Water reflection
A nice lake surrounded by pine trees in Transylvania, Romania - View of the Lake Sfânta Ana
A very nice, castle-like building on the lake shore - Beauty by the lake
Little stream with lot of stones - Stony stream
A rush river in the wood - Forest river
A big artificial lake with a bird's eye - Reservoir
Some stones in a stream - Stony riverbed
A small rapid in the river - Small waterfall
Artificial pond in a garden in the mountains - Garden pond
Rapid stream in a forest - Rushing stream
A small winding creek in the forest - Small creek
A nice villa built on a lake - Natty villa
A small brook running in the forest - Little brook
A rapid mountain stream with autumnal scenery - Rushing mountain stream
Small stream in the picturesque autumn forest - Small autumn river
Nice view to a valley in the slovenian Alps - Valley in the Alps
The nice riverside of Crișul Repede with a row of houses in Oradea - River in the city
Small rapids with big stones - Stream rapids
The reflection of the sky on the lake - Mirroring
The river Crișul Repede flowing in the city of Oradea - Urban riverside
A little stream with a lot of stones - Stony stream
A small waterfall in a pine forest - Forest waterfall