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Detail of a dense forest by daylight - Walk in the woods
Strange bridge between two trees - Connection
Nice clouds on the blue sky over the mountains - Nice weather
Patterns of an old punk tree trunk - Detail of a punk tree
Muddy road leads down the mountain - Down the road
A little brook in the forest - Forest stream
A huge pine tree against the backwash of the stream - Still standing
Three huge pines standing in the snow - White giants
Perfect blue sky over the mounatins - Perfect blue sky
A mountain river rushing among pines and big rocks - Mountain river
Gravel road in the forest - Forest path
Small stream runs over a bole - Small waterfall
Forestry workers' temporary accomodation, which could be transported with a tractor - Rolling wheel house
Bamboo hut with plam trees in a hotel's garden - Bamboo hut
A tropical storm is coming with strong wind - Wild weather
Huge fallen pines on the side of a rock - A pair of huge fallen fir trees
Calm look under the plamtree - Fisherman's boat
A creek and some trees - Shady creek
A big tree is leaning over a fast creek - Fast creek
Old olive tree in the mediterranean region - Old olive tree
Palm tree and sunbed on a beautiful beach - Your sunbed
A big tree with a lot of boughs - Ramous tree
A leaf is hanging from the branches on thin cobweb. - Spider
A stony creek with green leafy trees - Creek with lush green trees
Pinny bole of an old olive tree - An old olive tree
Empty sunbeds on the beach - Palm trees and sunbeds
Beautiful red flower in the jungle - Red flower
Closeup of a budding tree branch in spring - A budding tree branch
Chameleon among the branches in Madagascar - Green at the moment
Palm trees growing from the rocky wall at the ocean - Tough plam tree
Nice plam tree with crop in the hotel's garden - Lush palm tree
Portrait of a silver fir from the bottom up - European silver fir
Arborvitae seedlings side by side in a garden - Arborvitae seedlings
Gnarled olive tree somwhere in the Mediterrenian region - Olive tree
A big autumn tree with dead fallen leaves - Detail of an autumn tree
Portrait of a silver fir (Abies alba) from the bottom up - European silver fir
Closeup of some colorful leaves on a tree - Colorful autumn leaves
A hillside with deciduous trees in autumn - Wooded hillside
A forest path on a sunny autumn day - Autumn forest path
Close-up of a big mossy pine trunk - Moss-grown trunk
A huge tree with a nice foliage - Green giant
A garden in autumn with big, colorful trees - Autumn trees
Beech forest in autumn with big rocks - Rocky autumn forest
A rush river in the wood - Forest river
Beech forest in autumn with big rocks - Autumn in the forest
Closeup of tree roots covered with moss - Mossy roots
Big rocks in a forest covered with moss - Mossy rocks
Three trees build one big crown - Three in one
Sunny day in the autumn forest - Autumn forest
Rapid stream in a forest - Rushing stream