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Pine forest on Hargita with the Gyergyó basin in the backgound - Landscape
A small rapid river among big rocky mountains - Rocky river
Snowy landscape with trees in the foreground - Snowcapped
View from a hilltop in a ski resort - View from the top
A mountain with nice rock formations - Rocky mountain plateau
View of a limestone hill-side - Limestone mountain
Snowcapped pines with a wonderful view - Snow-bound
A peak of a mountain with nice rocks - Rocky peak
Nature's work on the mountaintop - Nice rock formations
Old Hungarian castle in Transylvania, associated with Dracula - Dracula
Columnar rocks and a boulder in the mountains - Rock columns
Foggy mountains in Ciuc (Csík), Transylvania over 1600 metres. - Foggy Mountains
View of a nice rocky mountain - Detail of a mountain range
Great view from a plateau - Blue mountain ranges
A walking hiker with backpack  - Hiker on a mountain path
View of rocky hills covered by fresh green grass - Green hills
A concrete road is winding on the plateau, leading towards the mountains - A road into the distance
Rocky hills with grass and pines - Rocky landscape
Bamboo hut with plam trees in a hotel's garden - Bamboo hut
Rocks polished nice by erosion - Group of rocks
Aerial photo of a winding road along trees in the Carpathians  - Winding road from above
Aerial photo of a nice mountain range - A mountain range with clouds
Black volcanic pumice on Reunion - Black pumice
An old, rusty bridge over the mountain river - Bridge over the river
A small lake at a hill - Small pond
Aerial photo of a ridge with some white snowy areas - Mountain with snow patches
A hill with nice white rocks - White rocks
Aerial photo of some snow patches on a mountain - Snow patches on a mountain
View in the Southern Carpathians - Bucegi, 2500 meters - View in the Southern Carpathians
View from a hillside with boulders - Next to a boulder
A green hill with white rocks - Rocky ridge
Top of a mountain with the cloudy blue sky.  - Cloudy summit
Patches of snow on the mountain - Patches of snow
Macchu Picchu's buildings in the sunset - Macchu Picchu
Detail of a snowy hill-side - Mountain detail
Aerial view of a range of mountains - Snowy range of mountains
View of the blue sky over a mountain - Blue horizon
Shadow of a cloud on a mountain - Shady hill-side
Sunrise in the cloud-covered Eastern Carpathians (Romania) - Sunrise in the Snowy Mountains
Monumental hill with glaciers in the Andes - Andes
View of a tarn in a mountain - A tarn from above
A tarn in the mountains - Small mountain lake
View of autumn foliage in the mountains - Colorful autumn landscape
A lovely tarn in the mountain - Blue mountain pearl
Aerial photo of a mountain range at Brasov, Romania - View of a mountain
A hillside with deciduous trees in autumn - Wooded hillside
Weathered hillside with beautiful colors and boulders - Weathered slope
A small pine next to rocks - Little pine
A beautiful landscape with a nice range of mountains - Mountainous landscape
Mountains from a bird's eye view - Wooded range of mountains