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Close-up of the statue of king Saint Stephen and Blessed Gisela of Hungary in Veszprem, Hungary. - Limestone statue couple
Detail of an old ruined castle - Old castle ruins
Wall of a fortified church - Fortified church
A little creek in the city - Urban creek
Remains of an old castle next to a river - Castle ruin
Old Hungarian castle in Transylvania, associated with Dracula - Dracula
An open door of a basement - Open exit
Molt fox sitting in front of a building - Molt fox
The nature reconquests the remains of an old building - Back to the nature
Forestry workers' temporary accomodation, which could be transported with a tractor - Rolling wheel house
Old carved door on a listed building - Carved door
Ruins of an old building - Ruins
A rural house in poor condition - A house seen better days
An abandoned ruined building in the forest - Detail of a ruined house
Ruins of an old castle wall on a hill in the mountains - Castle ruin on the hill
The building regularly lines reminiscent of the op art style. - Op art
Cross in the cemetery fence. - Cross
Worn shutters and antique stone window frame - Closed shutters
Macchu Picchu's terraces in the sunset - Macchu Picchu
Macchu Picchu's buildings in the sunset - Macchu Picchu
Macchu Picchu's terraces in the sunset - Macchu Picchu
Castle with a wooden tower - Nice castle
Stone gate on Macchu Picchu - Macchu Picchu
House on Macchu Picchu in Peru - Macchu Picchu
Front view of an abandoned ruinous bulding - A ruinous house
Stone gate on Macchu Picchu - Stone gate
A church tower steepens on the top of a hill - Church tower
A church tower steepens on the top of a hill - Church tower
A barn and some other farm buildings in the country - Old barn
Green crest above a closed door - Green gate
Two identical doors next to each other - Twin doors
Great view on the Andes over Macchu Picchu - Andes
Old mansion in poor condition - Old house
Ruins of an old church - Church ruin
Sacral building on the Macchu Picchu - Machu Picchu
The tower of an old church or castle from inside - Inside a tower
Macchu Picchu's terraces before sunset - Macchu Picchu
Side view of an old house on a hill - Old house
Neat houses in a small village - Detail of a village
A very nice, castle-like building on the lake shore - Beauty by the lake
Room in a very old, crumbly building - Crumbling interior
A wooden house on the meadow - Little wooden house
Iron staircase in a ruined, abandoned house - Stairway to nowhere
Part of an old castle wall, made of stones. - Stonewall
Attic of an old house that is due to be demolished - Old attic
Front view of an ancient castle - Old castle
Monuments photo, Gesztes castle was built in the 1300s. - Várgesztes
A carved cross-shaped headstone in a private garden. - Stone cross
medieval monuments, Csókakő village of the tenth century settlement. - Csókakő
A nice villa built on a lake - Natty villa