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Transylvanian Racka sheep (Ovis aries aries) and lamb - Racka sheep from Ghimeș
A flock of sheep grazing on the hillside - Flock of sheep with a shepherd
Windmill silhouette and beautiful cloudy blue sky - Windmill silhouette
Pale, so-called roan horses on a ranch - Roan horses
Some grey, roan horses on a farm - Group of roan horses
Rooster and hen in the poultry yard - Meeting his hen
Mixed herd of sheep and goats - Sheep and goat herd
Old olive tree in the mediterranean region - Old olive tree
A hen and a rooster in the backyard - Hen and rooster
Pinny bole of an old olive tree - An old olive tree
A barn and some other farm buildings in the country - Old barn
View of beautifully cultivated corn fields - Fields of gold
Gnarled olive tree somwhere in the Mediterrenian region - Olive tree
Closeup of a vine branch in a garden - Vine branch
Closeup of a vine branch in a garden - Vine branch
A white horse standing in a big barn - White horse
Closeup of a grapevine before sprouting in spring - Grapevine
Grazing brown horses on a meadow - Grazing horses
A white horse on the training ground - Proud horse
Horses grazing in a beautiful mountainous environment - Horses on the pasture
Two horses and cows on the paddock - Cows and horses
A horse on the misty meadow - Auroral grazing
A brown horse grazing on the meadow - Single brown horse
Some brown horses on the pasture - Brown horses
Female duck in the poultry yard - Female duck
Domestic ducks hiding in the shadow of a tree - Domestic ducks
Some donkeys grazing on the meadow - Grazing donkeys
Some domestic geese (Anser anser domesticus) in a pond - Bathing domestic geese
A goose with its goslings in the pond - Goose and goslings
Transylvanian Racka sheep (Ovis aries aries) and lambs - Racka sheep from Ghimeș
Palm trees on Comoros islands - Palm-lined road
Wheat field with cloud in Hungary - wheat field
Rainbow above the corn field. - Rainbow
Beautiful combination of summer and thunderstorms. Part of an amazing lightning strike series from Hungarian and Romanian fields. Part one. - Lightning in the fields
Barley with clouds and sky, close-up shot - Barley with clouds and sky
Agricultural terraces in a big valley - Terraces in the valley
Two likely female dachshunds in the grass  - Dachshund sisters
Haystacks in the winter field on a sunny day - Winter haystacks
A Sunflower with blue sky background - Sunflower with blue sky background
A wood transporter horse-drawn wagon on a mountain street - A horse carriage on the street
Hay bales on the field after harvest - Hay bales on the field
Tractor lifting bale on field - Tractor lifting hay bale on field
The Inca's terraces in the Colca Canyon - Colca Canyon
Great view on the Inca's terraces in the Colca Canyon - Colca canyon
Closeup of some randomly scattered vine branches - Vine branches
A donkey with a heavy load - Load bearing donkey
Dedham Vale, place of the famous painting
The camel is the traditional means of transport in the Jordanian Desert. - Camels of Petra, Jordan
Brown horses with a beautiful pine forest background - Horses in a pen
A single white horse on the meadow - White horse
Shot of a picturesque valley with cows - Landscape with grazing cows
A flock of sheep is grazing on a hillside - Sheep on the pasture
A flock of sheep in the shadow - A flock of sheep
A plow land after harvest - Plow land
Some cows are on their way home - Cows on the road
Plow land after the harvest - After harvest
A single donkey in the wooden corral - I am feeling fine
Flock of goats with an odd one out - Goats and a donkey
Sheepdog and goats on the street - Sheepdog
A flock moving on a street - Moving flock
A brown horse is standing on the pasture - Brown horse
Shepherds summer accommodation place in the Harghita Mountains - Wooden house
A flock grazing on the meadow - Pasturage in the valley
Different kinds of potatoes on a peruvian market - Potatoes
Inca terraces in the Colca canyon - Colca canyon
The Colca canyon with the Colca river - Colca Canyon
Great view on the Colca canyon - Colca canyon
A mare with its foal - Mother and child
A foal standing beside its mother - Little foal
Beautiful scenery with two haystacks  - Haystacks on the meadow
Grape leaves in and out of focus - Grape leaves
Brown horses grazing on the field - Brown horses
A grazing herd of goats on the hillside - Goat herd
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