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Opened chesnut on light background - chesnut
sunflower seeds in a light box - sunflower seeds
sunflower seeds in a light box - sunflower seeds 2
drawing pins in light box - drawing pins
Drawing pins in light box - drawing pins
Chisel after working in my workshop - Woodworking
healthy dinnel from my wife  - Tomato and raddish
3d printed low poly ring - 3d printed ring
3D printed low poly ring - 3D printed ring
ring for opening bottles and beers - Bottle opener ring
paper clips in light box - paper clips
Photo from deep in Budapest - Higher
Lines of the water in an emty lake - Time to time
Lockets as a sign of endless love - Endless Love
Landscape in the mirror of a small lake - Mirrored
Black and white picture from urchin - urchin
mirrored landscape in old style - Mirrored 2
Forgotten pillars look like a big city - Alone 2
Pillars look like forgotten big city - Alone
Time rolls over like always - After
Living in an empty glass - Closed
left plastic bag under the water - Deep inside
Zoom from leaves in a park - Leaves
Traditional celtic knot from budapest - celtic knot
Budapest Lakeside after sunset 02 - city 2
Portrait from Danube after sunset - Sky 01
Black and white picture from a church - Temple
Door of a famous hungarian temple - Temple door