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Multi-coloured chameleon in the jungle - Chameleon in the jungle
Oak leaf pattern design for many kinds of decorative purposes. The elements can be assembled to a variety of embellishments. - Oak leaf pattern
Paw prints on rounded square carved wooden button styles - Paw prints wooden buttons
A sitting hawfinch (Coccothraustes coccothraustes) - Hawfinch
Strange bridge between two trees - Connection
Wall of a fortified church - Fortified church
Pine forest on Hargita with the Gyergyó basin in the backgound - Landscape
Winter in the city park - Tree in winter
A green candle in the shape of a pine isolated on white - A pine-shaped candle
A common kingfisher (Alcedo atthis) sitting on a branch - Common kingfisher
A small rapid river among big rocky mountains - Rocky river
Snowy landscape with trees in the foreground - Snowcapped
A little creek in the city - Urban creek
A common kingfisher (Alcedo atthis) on a tree - Sitting common kingfisher
A mountain with nice rock formations - Rocky mountain plateau
A river bend with green plants - River bend
Patterns of an old punk tree trunk - Detail of a punk tree
Snowcapped pines with a wonderful view - Snow-bound
Muddy road leads down the mountain - Down the road
A little brook in the forest - Forest stream
Remains of an old castle next to a river - Castle ruin
A huge pine tree against the backwash of the stream - Still standing
Three huge pines standing in the snow - White giants
Perfect blue sky over the mounatins - Perfect blue sky
Little black dog standing in the snow - The watcher of the house
Six of hearts card on rounded square carved wooden button styles - Six of hearts card wooden buttons
Trees on the Comorre Islands - Palmtrees
Old Hungarian castle in Transylvania, associated with Dracula - Dracula
A mountain river rushing among pines and big rocks - Mountain river
View of a ski resort with skiers - Ski resort
A creek rushes through the wood - Rushing creek
Cloud-covered mountains in Ciuc (Csík) above 1600 metres - Mountains in the cloud
Green riverbank with lot of plants - Lush green riverbank
Lovely mediterranean harbour in Montenegro - Mediterranean harbour
Gravel road in the forest - Forest path
A mountain lake in the autumn sunrise - Mountain lake
A christmas tree-shaped candle isolated on white - A christmas tree-shaped candle
Seven of hearts card on rounded square carved wooden button styles - Seven of hearts card wooden buttons
Old fortress over the palm trees - Castle and palm trees
Small stream runs over a bole - Small waterfall
A little street between old houses - Snowy path
Small island in the mediterranean region - Lovely island
Remains of a protective wall - Old stones
Forestry workers' temporary accomodation, which could be transported with a tractor - Rolling wheel house
Five of hearts card on rounded square carved wooden button styles - Five of hearts card wooden buttons
An old black anchor in a luxury resort - Black anchor
Bamboo hut with plam trees in a hotel's garden - Bamboo hut
Lovely island in the Mediterranean Sea - Lovely island
A tropical storm is coming with strong wind - Wild weather
Ruins of an old building - Ruins