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A nice scenery with the sun - Our biggest star
A nice lake surrounded by pine trees in Transylvania, Romania - View of the Lake Sfânta Ana
Strange bridge between two trees - Connection
A small rapid river among big rocky mountains - Rocky river
Snowy landscape with trees in the foreground - Snowcapped
A mountain with nice rock formations - Rocky mountain plateau
Remains of an old castle next to a river - Castle ruin
A huge pine tree against the backwash of the stream - Still standing
Three huge pines standing in the snow - White giants
Trees on the Comorre Islands - Palmtrees
Old Hungarian castle in Transylvania, associated with Dracula - Dracula
A mountain river rushing among pines and big rocks - Mountain river
View of a ski resort with skiers - Ski resort
Foggy mountains in Ciuc (Csík), Transylvania over 1600 metres. - Foggy Mountains
A group of pines in the middle of a mountain river - Island in the stream
Cloud-covered mountains in Ciuc (Csík) above 1600 metres - Mountains in the cloud
Green riverbank with lot of plants - Lush green riverbank
Gravel road in the forest - Forest path
A mountain lake in the autumn sunrise - Mountain lake
Chamois (Rupicapra rupicapra) on the autumn hills in the Ciuc (Csík) Mountains, Romania. - Chamois on the hill Terkő
Old fortress over the palm trees - Castle and palm trees
View on the Southern Carpathians at 1800 meters - King's stone, Romania - View on the Southern Carpathians
Bamboo hut with plam trees in a hotel's garden - Bamboo hut
Aerial photo of a winding road along trees in the Carpathians  - Winding road from above
Ruins of an old building - Ruins
People walking on the promenade along the Danube River - Promenade
Huge fallen pines on the side of a rock - A pair of huge fallen fir trees
King's Stone in the Southern Carpathians, Romania. Ski and hiking paradise - Winter paradise
Ruins of an old castle wall on a hill in the mountains - Castle ruin on the hill
A creek and some trees - Shady creek
An old, rusty bridge over the mountain river - Bridge over the river
A big tree is leaning over a fast creek - Fast creek
Old olive tree in the mediterranean region - Old olive tree
A hill with nice white rocks - White rocks
A stony creek with green leafy trees - Creek with lush green trees
Colorful autumn leaves on the road. - Autumn leaves
Detail of a snowy hill-side - Mountain detail
Wonderful palm trees over the coast - Palm trees at the ocean
Empty sunbeds on the beach - Palm trees and sunbeds
Windy weather on the volcanic island - Rocks, waves, tropical forest
Subeds in the shadow of plam trees  - Sunbeds in shadow
Rocky coast on the tropical island - Flat rocks on Grande Comore
A beautiful sunset in the fog - Sunset
Palm trees on Grand Comore's seaside - Palm trees
Palm trees growing from the rocky wall at the ocean - Tough plam tree
A brook is flowing in the early spring park - Small creek across a park
View of a village from a hill - View of a settlement
Beautiful sandy beach of Madagascar - Beach, relax, sunshine
View of autumn foliage in the mountains - Colorful autumn landscape
View of a colorful autumn valley - Autumn valley